Saturday, March 28, 2009

An upcoming novel of author Elizabeth Baines is going green with Eco-Libris

We are happy to announce on a collaboration with author Elizabeth Baines to green up her upcoming book "Too Many Magpie" by planting one tree for every copy printed.

The book, due from Salt Modern Fiction in October, is a novel with an environmental theme. It will be the second book published at Salt Publishing that we're working with after "The White Road and Other Stories" by Tania Hershman.

Here's some more d
etails about the upcoming book:

A young mother's faith in science is undermined as the natural world around her becomes ever more uncertain and when she meets a man who seems to offer a different, more magical kind of power... In this haunting, urgent and timely novel Elizabeth Baines explores the problem of sorting our rational from our irrational fears, the implications of bringing children into a newly precarious world, and the scientific and magical modes of thinking which have got us to where we are now.

About the author:
Elizabeth Baines was born in South Wales and lives in Manchester. She has bee
n a teacher and is an occasional actor as well as the prize-winning author of plays for radio and stage, and of two novels, The Birth Machine and Body Cuts. Her award-winning short stories have been published widely in magazines and anthologies.

Other books of Elizabeth Baines:
Balancing on the Edge of the World (Salt Publishing, 1997) - a collection of short stories about power and powerlessness, and those moments when the balance of power - between a violent father and his daughter, between a doctor and his smug patient, between an unsuspecting teenager and the dangerous world around him - can subtly or dramatically change for ever...

What other people have said about the book:
'Quite swept me off my feet... ' - Dovegreyreader
'A stunning debut collection' - Melissa Lee-Houghton, The Short Review

The Birth Machine (Women's Press 1983; Revised edition, 'The Author's Cut', Starling 1996) - White rats in the lab, a murder deep in the past, Zelda strapped to a bed in a high-tech maternity ward and some mysteries about to unravel. Adapted by Elizabeth Baines and broadcast as a play for Radio 4

What other people have said about the book:
'The birth myth of our age' - IN DUBLIN
'A gripping, pithy book' - Katy Campbell
'An increasingly powerful narrative... Sharp satire - TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT

Body Cuts (Pandora, 1988) -Is Bron being followed? Is her ex-lover a threat? The frightening power of fantasy turned reality

What other people have said about it:
'Strikingly told' - SUNDAY TIMES
'Thought-provoking' - MORE!
Click to read a review by Bob Corbett, Webster University.

You can read more about the author on these links:

We will keep you posted as soon as Too Many Magpies will be released.

Raz @ Eco-Libris

* Enclosed photo of author Elizabeth Baines is by Tom Wright