Monday, January 26, 2009

My Green Resolution for 2009 - the team of

Our journey in search of green resolutions and greetings continues today with the team of the, who created one of the leading green voices throughout the internet.

Last month we announced on our collaboration with that released in December two books: "Go Green Revolution: My Life" and "Go Green Revolution: My Office Handbook".

These books focus on specific areas of your life and what you can do to go green and save money on your energy bill. A tree is being planted with Eco-Libris for every package of these e-books sold (also - for the 50 first packages of e-books sold we matched the purchase and plant one more tree for each one of the packages).

We asked Bart Babek, fo
under of, to share with us their green thoughts for the upcoming year.

Hello Bart. What are the green wishes and resolutions for 2009 of

At our daily life is green, we strive in leading eco-friendly lives and leading by example.

We have had an amazing past year, our readership has doubled and we have launched 4 new websites to be able to cover more green topics in greater detail.

Our resolution for 2009 is to reach and educate even more people, while writing green tips and news is a great way to teach people about the environment we think there are even more engaging ways to get everyone involved.

This week we have launched a new service called "Green QuestionVille", it's a new section on our website where members can submit green Questions, Answers and Votes in the community.

We hope you can join us at "Green QuestionVille" and submit a question or an answer today!

Our one wish this year is that the new President of the United States doesn't encounter much resistance in greening America. We believe that this is a pivotal point in the history of civilization and we wish him all the luck in the world.

We wanted to thank Eco-Libris for partnering up on our green tip "Go Green Revolution" book launch. We were able to plant 480 trees, remember the partnership continues and for every book still sold we will plant one tree. If you're interested in making a difference in your life and on the environment then you can find out more information here.

Thank You for reading, we wish you a warm and happy new year and hope that all your wishes come true.

Team at

Thanks to Bart and the rest of the's great team! For more information please visit their website at

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