Friday, November 14, 2008

Reminder: sign up to Eco-Libris newsletter and you can win a copy of 'Relocating Mia'

Our November newsletter is planned to be sent next Wednesday so this is a good time to remind you of a great offer we have for new subscribers: sign up this month to our newsletter and you can win a copy of Rebecca Lerwill's book "Relocating Mia".

Eco-Libris' newsletter is a monthly newsletter, so you can expect to hear from us only once a month. On the newsletter we will offer you updates about our work and our latest collaborations in the book industry. We also include articles on the book and paper industry from our unique green perspective, as well as special offers and discounts!

And as mentioned above, if you sign up until November 30, you will have the chance of winning a copy of "Relocating Mia" by Rebecca Lerwill.

All you have to do is just to sign up, using the box on the right side of the page saying 'Join Our Email List' and that's it. We will have a raffle between the new subscribers on December 1st and will post here the name of the winner. And of course, a tree will be planted for this copy as well!

Thank you to the author Rebecca Lerwill for the copy! We collaborate with Rebecca, who is balancing out every copy sold through her website by planting a tree with Eco-Libris. Every buyer also receives our sticker ("One tree planted for this book") with their copy. By the way - with every purchase, you will receive not only the book and a tree that will be planted on your behalf, but also I home made beautiful book mark!

What this book is about? here's a short description from its website:

"Relocating Mia is a highly entertaining adventure full of romance and suspense which will be loved by readers who appreciate the drama of international crime, the gut - churning twists and turns of well woven intrigue, and the heart - warming effect of a great love story."

Mia Trentino is the top relocating specialist at Worldmove, Inc., and her latest assignment is sending her to Siberia, Russia. But the new job comes with a new partner: a handsome threat to her career named Douglas Farland.

After a rocky start, the job is going well, and things begin to heat up between Mia and Douglas. Then, lies and secrets begin to surface that make Mia suspect her new partner might have a different agenda. What seemed like a simple relocation erupts into a cat-and-mouse game of intrigue full of drug smuggling, secret agents, and the Red Mafia. Suddenly Mia's in a fight for her life, and she may have to trust the one person who seems the most to blame.

We're not the only ones who think it's a great book - "Relocating Mia" is an award winning romantic suspense, honored by the USA Book News awards, the Indie Excellence awards, and the Sabrina Book awards. Also, The Acronym, the sequel to Relocating Mia, is with the publisher and will come out early 2009.

So what are you waiting for?

Raz @ Eco-Libris