Friday, December 17, 2010

Three new books of Write Bloody Publishing are going green with Eco-Libris

We are happy to announce of three new books of Write Bloody Publishing that are going green with Eco-Libris. One tree will be planted for each printed copy of How to Seduce a White Boy in Ten Easy Steps by Laura Yes Yes, 38 Bar Blues by A.V. Avery and The Feature Room by Anis Mojgani.

As mentioned all of these books are
published by Write Bloody Publishing, which is collaborating with Eco-Libris to plant trees for the books it publishes. We already worked with Write Bloody Publishing to plant a tree for every printed copy of the LAST TIME as WE ARE by Taylor Mali and Ceremony for the Choking Ghost by Karen Finneyfrock.

Write Bloody Publishing, which publishes and promotes great books of fiction, poetry and art every year, was started in 2004 by traveling poet and former paratrooper Derrick Brown. Write Bloody is a small press with a snappy look dedicated to quality literature. They have offices in LA, NYC and Murfreesboro, TN.

Here is some more information on the three new books:

How to Seduce a White Boy in Ten Easy Steps by Laura Yes Yes

Laura Yes Yes' sultry, wry first book, How to Seduce a White Boy in Ten Easy Steps, dazzles us with its bold exploration into the politics and metaphysics of identity. From fierce and funny sexual fantasias to cutting observations of interracial dynamics, her work asks us to fully consider what it is to be human in an age of fragmentation and double meanings. There are no easy answers here: the voice of the liberated woman rings clearly as a man-eater in one moment, and shudders under the weight of lost love in the next. Laura skillfully navigates the trauma of being Other while acknowledging the absurdity of our perceptions of race. With precise craft and breathtaking imagery, How to Seduce a White Boy blooms as a ferocious celebration of life.

38 Bar Blues by C.R. Avery
in Gomorrah? When you were still beardless,
and I would oil my hair in the lamp light before seeing
you, when we were young, and blushed with youth
like bruised fruit. Did we care then
what our neighbors did
in the dark?
When our first daughter was born
on the River Jordan, when our second
cracked her pink head from my body
like a promise, did we worry
what our friends might be
doing with their tongues?
What new crevices they found
to lick love into or strange flesh
to push pleasure from, when we
called them Sodomites then,
all we meant by it
was neighbor.
When the angels told us to run
from the city, I went with you,
but even the angels knew
that women always look back.
Let me describe for you, Lot,
what your city looked like burning
since you never turned around to see it.
Sulfur ran its sticky fingers over the skin
of our countrymen. It smelled like burning hair
and rancid eggs. I watched as our friends pulled
chunks of brimstone from their faces. Is any form
of loving this indecent?
Cover your eyes tight,
husband, until you see stars, convince
yourself you are looking at Heaven.
Because any man weak enough to hide his eyes while his neighbors
are punished for the way they love deserves a vengeful god.
I would say these things to you now, Lot,
but an ocean has dried itself on my tongue.
So instead I will stand here, while my body blows itself
grain by grain back over the Land of Canaan.
I will stand here
and I will watch you

38 Bar Blues, is poetry loaded with bar stool musicality and brass knuckle living. Welcome to a clear glimpse into a motel 50 miles outside of town, a window into the life of a modern troubadour. C.R. Avery’s writing flows like a Tennessee Williams stage play, from haiku-size poems to longer erotic tales that sink the reader deeper into backstage smoke of Avery’s worlds. 38 Bar Blues is the perfectly crafted journal of a living legend. Enter the back-room of an old Italian cafe, where dirty-dirty politics, outlaw love, and outrageous beauty are all in the cards.

For a sneak-peek inside 38 Bar Blues click here!

The Feather Room by Anis Mojgani

Science, birds, Billy the Kid, and lots of feathers surround The Feather Room, Anis Mojgani's follow up to his Pushcart-nominated work, Over the Anvil We Stretch. In The Feather Room, Mojgani further explores storytelling in poetic form while traveling farther down the path of magic realism, endowing his tales with a greater sense of fantasy and brightness. The work recounts loss and heartbreak while discovering lightness and beauty on the other side. Throughout the book, Mojgani opens tree trunks to reveal chandeliers. He leads us through the rooms inside himself, using poems to part curtains and paint walls. He is lifting windows to let the fantasy indoors.

Here you can see the author reading one of his poems at the 2008 Austin SLAMOFF finals, at the Long Center for the Performing Arts.

All these books and other great books of Write Bloody Publishing are available at Write Bloody Publishing's store.

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