Friday, September 30, 2011

What if Republican presidential candidates were e-readers?

I saw a funny comparison of CSR reports to celebrities and it got me the idea of comparing the 2012 Republican presidential candidates to e-readers and see if we can find any interesting (and funny) matching and identical characteristics.

So without further ado, here's our comparison. We hope you'll enjoy it.

What if Republican presidential candidates were e-readers:

Michele Bachmann

Why? "Expert recommendations and fun social features"

Herman Cain - Pandigital Novel Color Multimedia eReader

Why? Believes it brings added-value to the field. Bit of too much self-esteem.

Newt Gingrich - Sony Reader

Why? An old-timer. Doesn't really have a chance against the new generation.

Jon Huntsman, Jr.
- Aigo X1 HD

Why? Popular in China.

Gary Johnson
- iriver E-Book Reader

Why? Have you ever heard about it? I guess not..

Ron Paul - Astak EZ Reader

Why? Ignored by the media.

Rick Perry
- Italica Paperback Reader

Why? "Light. Fast. Simple"

Mitt Romney
- Amazon Kindle

Why? Front runner. Yet, you always look for something better.

Rick Santorum
- The Kobo eReader

Why? "Have the look of a winner" (well, probably just the look..)

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