Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday's green books series (part 1): Sammy & Sue Go Green Too! (and a giveaway)

This week we divide our Monday's green books series into two (and delay them a little bit..), as we bring you reviews of two new great books we partner with. Our first book is dedicated to our motherlove, planet earth - a place for our children to flourish! And the book itself is no less marvelous than its dedication.

Our book for today is:

Sammy and Sue Go Green Too!

The publisher, Beaufort Books, and the author Suzanne Corso, are collaborating with Eco-Libris to encourage the readers of this wonderful book to green up their reading and take a step to support the environment by planting a tree with us for their copy. Thanks to the support of Beaufort Books and Suzanne Corso, readers will be able to do so at a special discount on our website!

: Suzanne Corso

Suzanne is the author of two feature film screenplays, which are based on her novels. Brooklyn Story, a young woman’s coming of age tale and RoughCuts; The Trilogy. A fast-paced, romantic suspense story set against the backdrop of the diamond business. She has also penned other screenplays, such as A Simple Road and Gary Granite. Suzanne has also developed a television show called Empire, based upon Wall Street and has also produced for the New York and London stages the critically acclaimed Roman Nights, about screen legend Anna Magnani and playwright Tennessee Williams.

Along with her other accomplishments Suzanne has produced two documentaries; Indonesia, A Personal Journey and HEAR THEM ROAR, shot entirely at the Endangered Animal Rescue Sanctuary in Citra, Florida. Narrated by Lorraine Bracco. This documentary was the foundation that inspired her children’s series.

: Beaufort Books

Published on: April 22, 2009

Reading ages: 5-9

What it is about
(from the author's website):
The Sammy & Sue Series, based on Sammy and Sue Corso, a mother/daughter team that seeks to educate children about the environment, the planet, nutrition, and to lead to an eco-friendly (”green”) life. The Sammy & Sue
books have one goal in mind; to educate our children, to protect our environment and keep our animals safe.

“Go Green Too!” is the first book in the series and will lead your children on thrilling adventures while teaching them to value the planet and all of its resources. Sammy & Sue are helping to help you spread and start saving the planet. Their mission is to teach their New York City neighbors and American families to conserve energy, drive hybrid cars, and make peace with nature by using eco-friendly products, recycling, and eating organically grown foods. Sammy & Sue set out to visit various eco-friendly companies and organic farms across America.

Why you should get it
1. The joint mother-daughter journey into the green world is a great way to introduce readers, both parents and children, with environmental ideas and concepts. I think that the 'team' idea makes the characters as well as their messages much more easy to identify with.

2. It's a fun story! I think one of the problems of the green movement, especially with kids, is the serious image it has and the notion that going green is a complexed mission. Well, the future of the planet is a serious issue, no doubt about that, but it doesn't mean that you can't engage children into it in a fun and original way that will help them to get connected to green ideas, and that's exactly what this book does.

3. And it's also educational. I liked the fact that by the end of the book kids can find a glossary (or as they call it "Hard words made easy") with simple explanations to big words like atmosphere, pesticides, biodegradable and so on.

4. Beautiful illustrations - they make the story so alive!

What others say about the book:
“These wonderful stories instill a sense of not only understanding but, empowerment ot our childern about the earth and how to take care of it. I look forward to reading them with my daugthers.”
Marcia Cross, Actress "Desperate Housewives" ABC

"A hip testament to being kind to the world around us." Dr. Mehmet Oz, Columbia University, Vice Chairman, Cardiovascular Services, Oprah Show / XM Radio

"To bring about positive environmental change requires an understanding of our impact on the natural world, and a sense of adventure with endless possibility; Sammy & Sue have both" Philip Charles Gamett, President EarthPositive Apparel

You can read more about the book and the series at www.sammyandsue.com


The publisher, Beaufort Books are giving away one copy of the book, and of course a tree will be planted for the copy!

How you can win? please add a comment below with an answer the following question: how do you go green too with your kid? Submissions are accepted until Wednesday, April 8, 12PM EST. The winner will be announced the following day.

If you're looking for other interesting green-themed books, you are invited to check out our
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