Monday, October 5, 2009

Elizabeth Baines' new book "Too Many Magpies" has been published and one tree is planted for each copy!

Congrats to author Elizabeth Baines! Last Thursday was the official publication date of her new book "Too Many Magpies"!

Not only that this is a great book that was already described as 'moving and compelling' by Sarah Salway, but it's also going green with Eco-Libris - as we mentioned here couple of months ago, the author, Elizabeth Baines, is collaborating with Eco-Libris to green up her book by planting one tree for every copy printed.

Too Many Magpies will be the second book published at Salt Publishing that we're working with after "The White Road and Other Stories" by Tania Hershman.

So what's this book is about? here's the description from its webpage:

Can we believe in magic and spells? Can we put our faith in science?

A young mother married to a scientist fears for her children’s safety as the natural world around her becomes ever more uncertain. Until, that is, she meets a charismatic stranger who seems to offer a different kind of power… But is he a saviour or a frightening danger? And, as her life is overturned, what is happening to her children whom she vowed to keep safe? Why is her son Danny now acting so strangely?

In this haunting, urgent and timely novel, Elizabeth Baines brings her customary searing insight to the problems of sorting our rational from our irrational fears and of bringing children into a newly precarious world. In prose that spins its own spell she exposes our hidden desires and the scientific and magical modes of thinking which have got us to where we are now.

The book is available now with
20% off from the Salt website.

You're also invited to visit Elizabeth Baines' blog, where you can find further details on forthcoming readings and of course her update about the publication date.

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