Monday, September 3, 2007

Nice day for green wedding

Green weddings are getting more popular, and it all starts with the invitations. reports in a news release that "many couples are choosing to 'Go Green' when they design and fashion their wedding invitations for the coming year, and are avoiding the traditional and predictable. Eco-chic options abound in a wide range of environment-friendly recycled stock, and handmade tree-free papers."

Yep, there are alternatives to invitations made of virgin paper, and you don't have to tradeoff quality or design when choosing the green option. The company offers many options of invitations and envelopes made of recycled paper and are processed chlorine-free or made of tree-free materials.

If you're worried about staying stylish, brings you a short guide for 2008 trends in invitations, where you can learn for example that "For a spring wedding in 2008, an invitation's color scheme can echo the colors of the blooming gardens with sky blue, leaf green and magnolia pink. Summer brings hotter weather and high-voltage tints will be everywhere -especially apple green, aqua blue, bright yellow and sunset orange."

If you're still not satisfied with the green alternatives, you can always send your invitations by email :-)


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