Saturday, April 2, 2011

Earth Day 2011 Campaign - 41 Reasons to Plant a Tree for Your Book: Reason no. 21

We continue with our Earth Day campaign - 41 Reasons to Plant a Tree for Your Book, where we share with you 41 reasons provided by readers in celebration of the upcoming 41st anniversary of Earth Day!

With more than 180,000 trees planted so far on behalf of readers, authors and publishers working with Eco-Libris, it's no surprise that we think planting trees to green up books is a great idea.. But we also want to hear what readers think about it and why they believe planting trees for their books is a good idea.

So for 41 days until Earth Day, we publish here the 41 best replies we receive, one reply a day. All replies are gathered and presented on the Earth Day 2011page.

Reason no. 21:
The reason that trees should be planted for my book "Planet Earth Gets Well" is because Planet Earth wants very much to have his forests heal and become green again. There is an illustration in the book on Page 11 that shows what happens to forests that have been destroyed by pollution and deforestation. There is nothing that would make Planet Earth happier than to have his forests become lush and green again! - Madeline Kaplan, author of the children's book Planet Earth Gets Well.

Thank you Madeline for sharing with us your thoughts on planting trees for your book!

We want to mention again the great prizes we give away on this campaign, courtesy of our partners. Winners can choose their prize from a great list of gifts including audiobooks from Simon & Schuster Audio (such as The Half Life by Jennifer Weiner, Left Neglected by Lisa Genova and Essence of Happiness by the Dalai Lama) and great books, like Planet Home by Jeffrey Hollender, Spit That Out! by Paige Wolf and The Healthy Home by Dave Wentz and Dr. Myron Wentz. You can see the full list of the prizes on the campaign's page.

Every day we'll give further details on one of the prizes. Today we present you with the book I Unleash Your Full Potential by James Rick.

Unleash Your Full Potential by James Rick - "Unleash Your Full Potential" is the newest book in the "Full Potential" book series, which is the product of James Rick's quest to take thousands of hours of research and distill it into clear, concise, immediately useful information. What began as a desire to have more good days than bad days, and a curiosity about dreams and meditation, evolved into thousands of hours of research and experimentation in the areas of personal development, philosophy, biology, physics, psychology, evolution, religion and spirituality, naturally altered states of consciousness, entrepreneurship, economics, and politics. The broad scope of James' experience and study gives him a unique perspective not usually found in other forms of literature or presentation.

We still have some spots available so please send us your reply to We look forward to hearing from you.

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