Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday's green books series - 'East Garrison' by G.M. Weger

This week we're getting back to one reviewed book on Monday and today we have a great book that has it all: romance, suspense, adventure, relationship, man vs. nature and a surprising ending. And it all happens in East Garrison in California.

Our book for today is:

East Garrison

Author: G.M. Weger
G. M. Weger lives near East Garrison, in the town of Salinas, California. She works as an editor for the Department of Defense on former Army base Fort Ord.

In 1996, she moved to the Central Coast of California on former Army base Fort Ord and began driving around the haunted, empty place during lunch hours.

The inspiration for East Garrison began during one of these treks when she saw the strange juxtaposition of wildlife and deserted Army buildings and discovered the pioneer Whitcher cemetery. Since then, numerous housing developments have popped up, destroying habitat and food supply for many animals. This new construction pushed predators into residential areas that border the wild lands.

Reports of mountain lion sightings on Fort Ord and attacks in other California parks encouraged her muse, and she wrote
East Garrison. As she was writing the novel she found her true love—researching the history of Fort Ord prior to the Army. Her next novel will uncover the real story of the Whitchers.

Publisher: Synergy Books

Published on: February 1, 2009

What it is about:
All Tracy Dade wants is to deliver a healthy baby and be a good mother, but she fears her unhealthy relationship with her father - a Vietnam vet suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder-will sabotage her ability to have a normal life. She decides reconciling with him is her only hope and begins a pilgrimage to Fort Ord's abandoned East Garrison to track him down. In her way stand acres of land polluted with unexploded ordnance, an overprotective husband, a dangerous predator stalking the base, and her own stubborn heart. With her labor just hours away, she's running out of time.

Why you should get it
This is a breathtaking thriller that it is really hard to put down before the last page. G.M. Weger, just like a good chef, takes complicated ingredients like family relationships, history, man-nature coexistence and suspense and skillfully mix them into a powerful novel.
She brings up important issues about the relationship of humans with nature and wildlife and the ramifications of the development of urban sprawl, including the depletion of wild ecosystems. Even if you don't live near East Garrison like the author or haven't never heard about the mountain lions before, you definitely understand these issues much better after reading the book.

Last but not least - I always like an unexpected ending!

What others say about the book:

"G.M. Weger's East Garrison is an excellent read. G.M. Weger is a true origial. She can create characters I guarantee you've never met before." - Scott Baker, Winner of the World Fantasy Award

"I read a lot of stories in my job and G.M. Weger's is one of the original and memorable." - Billy Tackett, Award-winning artist and illustrator

You can learn more about the book at the author's website - Here's also a video of G.M. Weger from her website on the book:


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