Friday, January 25, 2008

Scoot over Barbie, Popsi's in the house!

We've been reviewing here recently several green children's books, such as Lee Welles' “Gaia Girls,” and Eric Carle's “The Tiny Seed”. Today's crop of innovative greenery comes in the shape of Popsi, the hippie dippy answer to the best selling fashion doll.

So who is Popsi?

“Mother Nature is lonely. She yearns for a daughter but, with her heavy workload, her dreams have been pushed aside. However one smoggy day, while picking up trash, she came across a pile of plastic bottles and had an idea. Magically with a sweep of her hands, she turns the plastic bottles into a soft cuddly rag doll and names her Popsi.”

Geraldine Lewis weaves a story of a modern day sustainable Pinocchio, who must help her mother clean up the environment or she cannot become a real girl. I am sure Carlo Collodi, who prior to being a famous children's author was also an active political satirist, would have appreciated this variation on his old theme.

But Lewis also brings the story to life (no pun intended) in the shape of Popsi, A real doll made of recycled plastic bottles which is sold with the book as part of a whole educational package. The goal is to teach kids the values of recycling and reusing. We've already seen here recently a similar example of a whole eco edu-kit, and only wish the trend continues and is actually picked up and used by more and more educators worldwide.

So check out the Popsi website:

Now who's going to make me some hybrid G.I.Joe's ?!?!

Take care,
Eylon @ Eco-Libris