Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dream Traveler: Africa, a new children's book is looking for funding on Kickstarter

We are recommending here almost every week on a new interesting book that is looking for funding on Kickstarter. This week we have the pleasure to introduce you to the first book in the series of children's books entitled the Dream Traveler series, which is about connecting people with cultural awareness, travel, geography, imagination and creativity, as well as and also conscious living and a loving family.

We also have a special interest in this series. If the required funding will be raised, it will also be used to plant a tree with Eco-Libris to green up the printed books!

The series is written by Stacey Gates and illustrated by Ryan Wardlow. The first book that is looking for funding to get published is Dream Traveler: Africa.

Goal: $7,000

Pledged so far: $2,035 (33 backers)

Still missing: $4,965

Days left: 50 days (until June 2)

About the project:

In the Dream Traveler series, a North American boy named Canyon manifests his way around the world through his dreams for a glimpse of how people live their lives in other countries. Readers will travel with him as he meets children who joyfully accept him into their lives and are just as curious and interested in him, as he is in them.

The books in the series are soulful tales of love and adventure for ages 4 and up. They bring about cultural awareness, encourage imagination and creativity, and through the illustrations, they exemplify environmental consciousness and health. Music, art and more are threaded throughout the stories as well.

Dream Traveler Africa

To grab the reader's attention, the story begins with Canyon returning from his first dream travel to Canada. He dives on his parent's bed shouting with laughter, "You'll never believe where I just came from!" He sums up his adventure.

For more information please visit Dream Traveler: Africa page on Kickstarter -

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