Monday, October 31, 2011

This week's book recommendation - Dream of a Nation: Inspiring Ideas for a Better America

I'd like to share with you today an update on a great book that has just been released - Dream of a Nation: Inspiring Ideas for a Better America by Tyson Miller (editor) and Kelly Spitzner (designer), Foreword by Paul Hawken, Closing by Alice Walker.

I just saw the book briefly but from what I've heard this is a very special book that anyone interested in finding sustainable solutions for a better future for America (and the world)  should be reading.

Here's more about the book from its website:

Across the nation countless individuals and organizations are dreaming a new future. Dream of a Nation sheds lights on some of the groundbreaking leaders, projects and ideas that have the potential to solve society’s toughest problems.
Through a collection of essays and short commentaries, the solutions and projects presented celebrate unique contributions from the country’s diverse population and span the nation’s most prevalent concerns. The content is applicable to readers of varying political persuasions and the material comes alive through four-color authentic images, and accessible graphics and illustrations.
Contributors include: (Click links below to see samples of the look and feel of the book!)
Over 60 interconnected issues are explored and organized across 12 chapters including: Building an Equitable and Green Economy, Waging Peace, Citizen Leadership, Strengthening Community, Environmental Stewardship, Ending Poverty, Deepening Democracy, Improving Health, Media Reform, Key Education Innovations, Re-Imagining Business, and Creating a Nation that Shines.
Dream of a Nation restores faith that humanity can solve our current looming environmental, economic and societal challenges. This is a comprehensive resource for any reader interested in gaining critical information and deepening their role as an empowered citizen.
Praise for Dream of a Nation
“Dream of a Nation moves us past party lines and into the realm of what is possible. This important work guides even the most disillusioned of us toward innovative measures that, if implemented, could benefit society in amazing ways and make citizen activists out of us all. Inspiring!” - –Jennifer Grayson, Huffington Post
“At a time when America’s challenges seem greater than ever, when polarization threatens to leave us permanently divided, Dream of a Nation reminds us of what we have in common—and all that we can build when we work together.” –Bryan Walsh, TIME Magazine

Last but not least, the book is printed on 100% PCW recycled FSC-certified paper in the U.S.

For more information on the book and ordering a copy visit 

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