Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Go easy on the meat this month!

Did we mention we're fans of Do The Green Thing? Yes, we are! And like we do every month in the last couple of months, we're happy to bring you their green message for March: go easy on the meat!

No, they don't preach you to go veggie. They just want you to eat a little bit less meat this month. If you ask yourself why, they're happy
to explain:

Now, meat may be tasty – in fact, it’s downright delicious, especially in pie format. But unfortunately it’s also responsible for massive emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases.

The way cows, pigs, sheep and even chickens are reared (no sniggering) uses lots of fossil fuels, creating lots of CO2. Farm animals also have a nasty habit of producing vast quantities of methane, as you’ll know if you’ve ever picnicked downwind of a cowherd.

A recent UN report found that meat production was among the top 3 creators of greenhouse gases (including methane which is 23 times more harmful than CO2). It’s responsible for 18% of global emissions, more than the entire world transportation industry.

To produce just 1kg of beef, enough for a spag bol for you and 5 friends, creates a whopping 34.6kg of CO2. It’s enough to make you choke on your chops.

Livestock agriculture is also a major cause of deforestation and soil erosion, as well as being a huge drain on our water supplies. To produce that kilo of beef for your spag bol takes an eye-popping 15,000 litres of water, much more than you need to produce a kilo of cereals. Added to all that is the fact that farm animals, particularly cows, are a windy bunch. They’re responsible for 37% of global methane emissions, which is even more than Michael Winner.

So this month, do your bit for the planet by going Easy On The Meat. You don’t have to go complete veggie – chopping out a couple of portions a week would be a fine effort.Every time you turn down a turkey or bat back a bacon buttie, let us know you’ve DONE IT so we can add up all the CO2 saved by heroic Green Thing members.

As always the message comes with funny videos (and also audio files), such as this one:

Enjoy the green thing!
Raz @ Eco-Libris