Sunday, June 8, 2008

Do The Green Thing on June - recycle so it will be reborn!

Every month we update you on the monthly green recommendation of our friends at 'Do The Green Thing'. This month they offer you to do the recycled/reborn thing.

What does it mean? The Green Thing team ask you to recycle everything you possibly can for one day this month and they explain:

"When you chuck something away, you’re effectively slamming the door in its face, calling its mother something unpleasant and saying you never want to see it again. But the thing is, you will see it again - and rather than being something useful like before, this time it’ll be something noxious. Maybe it’ll have turned into a greenhouse gas after decomposing in a landfill site – or perhaps it’ll come back as acid rain after being incinerated.

Either way, you’ve killed it before its time and it will haunt you like some kind of vengeful, pollution-spewing poltergeist. Which is why this month’s Green Thing is to recycle everything you possibly can for one day. Make sure your rubbish ends up Reborn as something new and beautiful instead of trashing our environment."

Here's someone who is doing it quite often - Jesse Hackett aka Elmore Judd goes to a recycling centre, picks up some random bits of metal and wood, uses them to make some amazing instruments and then uses them to make some amazing music. Filmed by the talented, willing and helpful people at Firecracker Films (,

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