Tuesday, November 29, 2011

10 ideas on how to green your book gift this holiday season

A book is always a great gift. If you look for an affordable and unique gift to buy this holiday season for family and friends, a book is always a great choice (an interesting one of course..). If you also want to make it a green gift, we have some ideas for you how to make your gift more sustainable.

Here are 10 ideas how to green your book gift this holiday season:

1. Buy from your local independent bookstore (if you can't walk or bike there, purchase online)

2. Another option:
Buy books at Better World Books, a unique social enterprise and a certified B Corporation!

3. If you choose to go to a bookstore, use a reusable shopping bag, or even buy one there and add it to your book. Also, look for bookstores where you can print books instantly using their Espresso Book Machine

4. Buy from publishers who have established environmental policies.

5. If you're an avid reader or you're buying for one, buy an e-reader or ebooks if you or the person you're buying for already has one (one e-reader is usually enough..)

6. Buy children's books from passionate green publishers

7. Buy books on a green topic.

8. Buy an audiobook (if you can download it it's even better!)

9. Buy from authors and publishers that work with Eco-Libris to green their books.

10. Plant trees for your books with Eco-L
ibris and add our stickers and a beautiful holiday gift card made of recycled paper.

Have fun!

Image Credit: wilbertss, Flickr Creative Commons

Raz @ Eco-Libris

Eco-Libris: Plant a Tree for Every Book You Read!