Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Eco-Libris is balancing out Net Impact's "Business as UNusual"

Dreaming about green MBA, or just regular MBA but with the best CSR (corporate social responsibility) or sustainable management classes? need more info where you can find the program that fits your social and environmental interests? What you need is Business as UNusual: The 2007 Net Impact Guide to Graduate Business Programs. Not only it's a great guide, it's also balanced out by Eco-Libris.

I'm very excited to present our current collaboration with Net Impact, an international nonprofit organization with 10,000 graduate business students and professional members dedicated to creating a better world through business.

'Business as UNusual' is an annual guide written by students at 56 business schools, which highlights programs in CSR, sustainable management, and other socially responsible practices. It is the first to focus on MBA and other graduate students' perspectives on social and environmental themes in curricula, career service, and the perspective of other students at business schools worldwide.

The guide was created in response to inquiries from students applying to business school with social and environmental interests. In addition to preparation of students to become responsible business leaders, the guide also compares data on different MBA programs and educates graduate school applicants to help them find the program that is right for them.

So, how we get into the picture? well, the guide can be downloaded online at no charge, but there is also a limited number of printed copies that will be sold on Amazon.com. Net Impact collaborated with Eco-Libris to balance out these printed copies. This means that Eco-Libris works to plant one tree for each one of these copies. The logo of Eco-Libris is been printed on the cover of the guide saying "One tree planted for this book".

I am a proud Net member of Net Impact and I think this informative guide is a great service for prospective and current MBA students who want to make a difference through business. If you have any thoughts of doing MBA, please check it out, and don't forget to take a look at our beautiful logo on the cover :-)

More information on the guide can be found on Net Impact's news release at: http://www.csrwire.com/News/9609.html