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Green printing tip no. 48: What is new in the Tree free Paper markets?

We are back today with a new tip on our weekly series of green printing tips, where we bring you information on green printing in collaboration with Greg Barber, an experienced eco-friendly printer.

Today Greg is discussing some great tree free paper options and it's amazing to see what a big variety of options is available. Just pick your favorite and go easy on new trees!

What is new in the Tree free Paper markets?

Tip #48

First, I will review the Tree Free papers for you. We stock the following:

1. Sugar Cane
2. Bamboo
3. Banana
4. Lemon
5. Coffee
6. Mango
7. Hemp
8. TerraSkin
9. Seed Paper

Most of the tree free papers made today are a combination of post-consumer waste and the plant chosen. Tree Free is used to specify no new tree fiber is used to make the new grades of paper.

For example, Sugar Cane is now mixed with Bamboo, at 25% Bamboo, and 25% Sugar Cane,
and 50% PCW. Hemp is 25% Hemp and 75% PCW. Banana, Lemon, Coffee, and Mango, all made in Costa Rica, are 10% plant, and 90% PCW. Last but not least, seed Paper is 100% PCW, and Wild Flower Seeds are hand inserted into the mix. Plant this paper, after using, and wild Flowers will grow. We offer these lines in text and cover weights.

Even 100% PCW is a tree free paper to me. No new trees are used to make 100% PCW paper. All of it is recycled, printed waste. ur 100% PCW lines come in natural, beige, green, kraft, tan and light gray, to name a few of the colors.We offer these lines in text and cover weights.

TerraSkin is different. There is no PCW fiber in TerraSkin - it is made of 80% rock mineral deposits and 20% polymer. TerraSkin uses the most renewable natural resources known to mankind. 60 million years of calcium carbonate, and mineral deposits, found in Limestone, at the bottom of the oceans, are used to make this tear resistant, and waterproof paper.

Terraskin uses the least amount of water to make this paper, and TerraSkin looks and prints like a dull coated paper. The mineral used, Calcium Carbonate, is found in numerous health products, including your toothpaste.

TerraSkin is now offered in pressure sensitive labels, on rolls. We have these rolls in several widths for letterpress, digital and flexo, roll printing. We are using TerraSkin to replace 100% plastic, poly labels. Also, terraSkin is available in flat sizes for commercial printing of
brochures, business cards, hang tags , pocket folders, etc.

Price wise, I list below the order of cost from low to highest price per pound.

1. 100% PCW
2. Bamboo & Sugar Cane
3. Hemp
4. TerraSkin
5-8: Coffee, Banana, Lemon and Mango
9. Seed Paper

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