Thursday, November 8, 2012

Brooklyn Public Library operates bookmobiles to impacted neighborhoods

My public library, Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) is one of the public organizations in NY offering help and support to neighborhoods in the city that have been effected by Hurricane Sandy.

These efforts include the operation of bookmobiles in sites that need help most.  Each bookmobile has charging stations, free books for children (over 1,200 books to date) and The Great Storm and Flood Recovery (children’s Story and Activity Book in Spanish and English.

The Bookmobiles according to the BPL website will be in the following locations:

Coney Island
1901 Mermaid Ave. (in front of the Coney Island Branch)
Wednesday, November 7, from 11:00 - 4

Red Hook
7 Wolcott Street (in front of the Red Hook Library), Brooklyn, NY
Since the Red Hook branch is opening as a warming station (see below), the Bookmobile will be dropping off supplies for use and distribution from within the branch.

You can find more details on the BPL's efforts at

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