Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My article today on Triple Pundit on the new recycling offers coming from Apple

Here's an update on a new article I published today on Triple Pundit on the new additions to Apple's reuse and recycling program.

The article is entitled "Apple Will Recycle Your Old PC for Free". Here's the first paragraph of the article:

Last week Apple announced it is expanding its reuse and recycling options to computers from any manufacture. According to AppleInsider, if your product qualifies for reuse — meaning it has monetary value — you’ll receive an Apple gift card equivalent to its fair market value. If your product does not have a monetary value, Apple will recycle it at no cost to you. The website MacRumors reports that Apple also expanded its trade-in program to allow users to send in their used iPhone and iPad devices for gift cards.

To read the full article go to http://www.triplepundit.com/2011/08/apple-recycle-computer-free-ewaste/

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Image credit: Ron Wiecki, Flickr Creative Commons