Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Green Options - Book Review: Off the Grid Homes - Case Studies for Sustainable Living

As part of Eco-Libris' ongoing content partnership with Green Options Media, we feature a post that was originally published by Philip Proefrock on May 10 on Green Building Elements. Today's post is about a new book that presents the new look and perception of off the grid homes.

Off the Grid Homes book cover

Off the Grid Homes combines beautiful images with technical information for sustainable homes.

The book by architect Lori Ryker is less of a manual for systems to be used in off the grid homes (though it does include good information about the systems and strategies that are used in sustainable off the grid living) and more of a showcase of state of the art homes at the intersection of appealing architecture and high sustainability.

For many, the phrase "off the grid home" brings associations of a rudimentary, hand-built, rustic cabin. It usually suggests a rough hewn character and images of anything other than refinement and elegance. But that image is far from the case in examples presented in this book.