Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays from Eco-Libris!

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah or Festivus, we wish you a happy holiday!

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Top 100 green apps - Green Schools Revolution: The Game

We are creating a list of the top 100 apps that will help you go green as part of our effort to promote a more sustainable lifestyle. Apps become an integral part of our life and a valuable tool and we believe we should also take advantage of them when it comes go greening up our life.

Every Friday we update you with a new app on the list, and today we're happy to introduce you with a fun app for kids!

Our app is
Green Schools Revolution: The Game from the Co-operative Group. This app is for iPhone and iPad and it's free.

Here are more details about Green Schools Revolution: The Game:

Have you got what it takes to be the ultimate Eco Warrior at home and at school? GREEN SCHOOLS REVOLUTION: THE GAME, from The Co-operative, is your chance to show off just how green you can be! Put your green knowledge to the test, saving water and energy as you go. Can you unlock the secret bonus round and make it to the top of the leaderboard?

Packed full of exciting levels, it’s a race against time to harvest carrots before the rabbit, turn the taps off to save the duck and save energy by turning the lights off. Can you do this faster than your friends, get the highest score possible, unlock the secret bonus level and become an Eco Warrior?

GREEN SCHOOLS REVOLUTION: THE GAME – play your part in the Green Schools Revolution!
Find out more about The Co-operative’s Green Schools Revolution programme at

• Fun quizzes about energy, water and healthy living unlock 4 levels of green games
• Energy saving game – turn of the lightbulbs to save energy and gain points
• Be a water watcher – can you turn off the taps to save water and keep the ducky afloat?
• Harvest carrots on the farm, but be quick before the rabbit beats you to it!
• Unlock a secret round to boost your green points even further

Play against your friends and see your top scores on the Game Center leaderboard.

You can check top 100 green apps at As you'll see, this list is in work, but we promise to update it every week until we'll have all 100 green apps.

Last week's green app -
Every Body Walk!

Raz @ Eco-Libris

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