Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Green marketing: past, present and future

There aren't many people who knows and understands green business as Joel Makower do. For me, he's an endless source of green wisdom, and I'm always waiting for Monday to receive his weekly post in his blog, 'Two Steps Forward'.

This week, Makower writes about green marketing (Green Marketing 2.0: This Time It's Serious). As someone who is involved and follows the field for some time, he has a perspective that only few have, and it's fascinating to read his descriptions about the beginning of green marketing (or green marketing 1.0) more than a decade ago.

Though many are skeptic about the direction of green marketing and green consumerism, Makower is optimistic and writes that "Now, after years of false starts, a growing number of mainstream success stories suggest that green marketing finally is more than an environmentalist's pipe dream. "

For those who are interested to learn more on green marketing, Makower gives recommendations on upcoming four significant green marketing conferences, which are themselves a sign for the change in this field - last year there were none.


btw - the picture attached is the logo of one of these conferences - Green Marketing Forum on November 28-30 in London.

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