Sunday, August 10, 2008

And the winner in a copy of 'Welcome to Shirley' is..

Thank you for all the participants in our giveaway of the book 'Welcome to Shirley: A Memoir from an Atomic Town' by Kelly McMasters we reviewed last Monday.

We got great ideas for eco-themed fiction novels, and the winners is Cindi, who suggested the following:

Hello! My suggestions of books are:"Ecotopia" by Ernest Callenbach, "Pilgrim at Tinker Creek" by Annie Dillard, "Prodigal Summer" by Barbara Kingsolver and "Silent Spring" by Rachel Carson.

Congratulations Cindi and thank you to all the other participants for the great tips on these great green books!

And don't forget to keep following our giveaways. We have many more green books to review and give away so stay tuned (we'll have one tomorrow!).

Raz @ Eco-Libris