Sunday, February 1, 2009

And the winner in a copy of "The Letters" is...

As promised we had a raffle between all the new subscribers to our newsletter. The prize is a copy of Fiona Robyn's new book "The Letters" and we have a winner!

Congrats to the new subscriber Nicki!! You have just won a great book.

The book will be balanced out by Eco-Libris and a new tree will be planted for it. Nicki will also receive our sticker saying "One tree planted for this book".

Here's a little more about this book:

A short description of the books from its website:

Violet Ackerman has drifted through a career, four children and a divorce without ever knowing who she is or what she wants. After moving to the coast, she starts receiving a series of mysterious letters sent from a mother and baby home in 1959, written by a pregnant twenty-year-old Elizabeth to her best friend. These letters intersperse Violet's turbulent relationships with her lover, her infuriating son and the eccentric fellow members of the Village Committee. Who is sending Violet these letters, and why? 'The Letters' invites us see what happens when we don't run away. Will love be enough to encourage Violet to stay?

What people say about the book:

"Finely observed, intense and eminently readable."
Jacqui Lofthouse, author of Bluethroat Morning

"Violet lives on in your imagination long after you've finished reading her story."
Susan Utting, author of Houses Without Walls

"An entirely entrancing tale, with visuals that leap and spin from every page."
Caroline Smailes, author of In Search of Adam

You can read more about the book at

Thanks again to the author Fiona Robin, who is a supporter of Eco-Libris, for the copy donated! The book, published by Snowbooks and will be available as of the beginning of next month.

Raz @ Eco-Libris