Friday, November 23, 2007

The Cloud, The Clam, The Comet and Jeba, The Hound of Renown

I am very happy to hear from our readers, especially when it's about a book they wrote that is printed on recycled paper.

This is also an opportunity for me to learn on new interesting books, like the one I am happy to present today - 'The Cloud, The Clam, The Comet and Jeba, The Hound of Renown' by Lib Willard.
Following Lib's request, I bring you a review written on the book and published on her blog by Stan Patten, PhD:

With “The Cloud, The Clam, The Comet and Jeba, The Hound of Renown, “ Lib Willard has written and illustrated a wonderful story for children of many ages that combines the earth, the sea, and the sky into a magical land where clouds and clams and comets and dogs not only talk to each other but also care for each other.

Read it aloud and hear the rhythms of poetry bringing the words to life; and take time to savor the illustrations. There is a whimsy to the illustrations (art might be a better term) that mixes a childlike imagination with the richness of many hues. In short, this small book is both a visual and auditory delight.

This First Edition is printed on 100% recycled text paper, and 30% of the proceeds go to helping stray and orphaned dogs. Jeba approves. Make this book a part of your child’s library. How often can you have a great read, do no damage to the environment, and improve the lives of our four-legged creatures?

Stan Patten, PhD
(UNCC English Department, retired)

Thank you Lib Willard for this great book and for going green and printing it on 100% recycled paper. If you are interested in the book, y
ou are welcome to check out Lib Willard's blog, where you can also find where you can buy the book.

Raz @ Eco-Libris