Thursday, June 3, 2010

What's hot, flat and crowded?

The answer is simple: it's both our planet and the newest book we give for free on our green gift giveaway.

Yes, we're happy to add
Hot, Flat, and Crowded 2.0 : Why We Need a Green Revolution - And How It Can Renew America by Thomas Friedman to our list of green books on our giveaway. So, now you can get a free copy of Hot, Flat and Crowded (release 2.0, paperback) by when you balance out 50 books by planting 50 trees with Eco-Libris.

And this is not the only book we offer as a free gift - we have some other great books you can choose from:
Clean Body, Greening Your Small Business, Raw for Dessert, The Lazy Environmentalist and Sleeping Naked is Green.

All of these books are printed on recycled or FSC-certified paper and readers can choose from this list the book they would like to receive as a gift from us.

So what 'Hot, Flat and Crowded' is about?

In this brilliant, essential book, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Thomas L. Friedman speaks to America's urgent need for national renewal and explains how a green revolution can bring about both a sustainable environment and a sustainable America.

Friedman explains how global warming, rapidly growing populations, and the expansion of the world’s middle class through globalization have produced a dangerously unstable planet--one that is "hot, flat, and crowded." In this Release 2.0 edition, he also shows how the very habits that led us to ravage the natural world led to the meltdown of the financial markets and the Great Recession. The challenge of a sustainable way of life presents the United States with an opportunity not only to rebuild its economy, but to lead the world in radically innovating toward cleaner energy. And it could inspire Americans to something we haven't seen in a long time--nation-building in America--by summoning the intelligence, creativity, and concern for the common good that are our greatest national resources.

To learn more about the book see this video:

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