Saturday, July 3, 2010

To E Or Not To E? Litopia After Dark is hosting me on the net’s foremost literary salon

Yesterday I had the pleasure to be the special guest on Litopia After Dark, the net’s foremost literary salon, in a show that was entitled 'To E Or Not To E?'.

The show is available now online and you can listen to the show at

It was my second time on this great show that is hosted by Peter Cox and it was so fun! Here are more details about the show (from Litopia's website):

How green is your e-book? How much do you care about the environmental impact of the words you read… or about the sweatshop workers who assembled your shiny new iPad? Tonight’s special guest is Raz Godelnik from Eco-Libris - the organization that encourages readers to do something to make the world greener – and he’s got some surprising facts about the relative impact of e-readers compared to paper books.

Still on an iTheme, Dave Bartram proposes the notion that technology is changing the way we think and making it harder for us to concentrate on one thing at a time… such as reading. “Reading on my iPhone sucks”, says Dave. “It’s not immersive enough… and it’s far too easy to be distracted.” If this is true, the publishing industry hasn’t even begun to consider what impact this may have on our reading, and writing, habits.

It’s Donna Ballman’s last appearance for a few weeks – she’s off for a highly-merited vacation, and we’ll miss her while she’s gone. She’s leaving us with five habitual lies that authors tell themselves!

And Eve Harvey has picked up on one of Litopia’s own tweets – what makes writers particularly susceptible to the demon drink? Is it cause – or effect? Do some people actually write better while inebriated? If he had not become such a drunk, would Truman Capote have finished Answered Prayers? And if he did – would it have been any good?

Raz @ Eco-Libris

Eco-Libris: Promoting sustainable reading!