Saturday, June 28, 2008

The green version of YouTube

YouTube is one of these sites where I can spend hours on hours. So much good stuff there...But what about a green YouTube that will be only dedicated to eco-clips? well, finally it is here - Eco-Tube: the place to look for Eco videos about the world.

I joined
Eco-Tube's Facebook group lately and found out that Eco-Tube "is covering every aspect of Eco issues facing the human race the website has over 700 films. I’m trying to inform, entertain and educate using films and also promote relevant products which help reduce your impact on the planet."

The videos are divided on Eco-Tube by topics, such as energy, act, news, gaia and fun. I found many interesting informative videos there, but my favorites are the fun clips. I think it's important to show that even a serious and important issue as the environment can be presented in a way that will make you laugh (and hopefully think..). They have even an
Eco-Porn video on the fun section! Here's another example:


So check it out ( and if you have some green videos of your on, upload them and share them with the world!