Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Green Printing Tip #24 - Can we be Greener in our use of Inter Office Envelopes, Presentation Folders, and Outgoing Envelopes?

After one week off, we're back with another tip for you on our weekly series of green printing tips, where we bring you information on green printing in collaboration with Greg Barber, an experienced eco-friendly printer.

Today Greg is discussing some of the widely used office materials that are made of paper and how they can get greener.

Can we be Greener in our use of Inter Office Envelopes, Presentation Folders, and Outgoing Envelopes?

Tip #24

I have done my research, and my answer is a definite YES, and we are saving you money doing it!

I recommend using the patented Conformer products. Their Inter Office Envelopes are made from 100% post-consumer (Milk Jugs), which means you are saving plastic from going to the landfills, and using really strong Inter Office Envelopes. They expand to hold twice as much "stuff". And, at the end of the day, these envelopes can be used again, eliminating all the waste from going into the garbage. Many companies already recognized the potential of these Inter Office Envelopes and reuse them multiple times.

Next, we have the Conformer Presentation Folders. They truly expand to 1/2" or 1". The construction of the expansion pockets is in the top and bottom of each pocket, and on the spine. This patented construction eliminates the need for re-inforced edges, and lamination coating (which is not recyclable). The paper is thick and FSC certified.

Finally, you can put these stong and expandable presentation folders into an even stronger translucent recycled plastic envelope that also has the Conformer expansion on all 4 sides. Direct Mail agencies tell us that the response rates go way up when potential clients can see the Pocket Folder or whatever is put into these patented, translucent envelopes.

The Conformer Expansion Envelopes are made from Recycled Milk Jugs, which enhances the strength. No need to buy Tyvek envelopes or even boxes. Your products will ship safely in these mailers.

Your savings begins to mount, as the shipping weights go down, and the visual look of your mailing goes up. Not using boxes, eliminates the plastic tape and over packing on the insides.

So, take a look at Call me (973 224 1132) or email me ( with any questions. I will walk you through the process of becoming more sustainable in your office correspondence, all the way through to your outgoing mail..

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