Sunday, October 19, 2008

Torpedo update

As we mentioned here before, we have a great partner down under - Falcon vs. Monkey, Falcon Wins. This is an independent publishing company based in Melbourne Australia, noted for fiction/illustration quarterly Torpedo.

One tree is planted for each copy of Torpedo sold, through Eco-Libris. This way they're're building our own forest so that falcons and monkeys can live in bloodless harmony :-)

Today we have an update on Torpedo for all of you who write short stories and to those who like reading great fiction in general.

So here it is straight from Chris Flynn of Falcon vs. Monkey:

Torpedo is now open for submissions - we are looking for great fiction to fill volume 5 and beyond. Short stories between 1000 & 7000 words, full colour comics. If you've read a copy, you'll know what we like. If not, why are you submitting?

Torpedo is now cheaper to buy online - we're absorbing the shipping costs for overseas buyers, so it's just $25 AU including postage anywhere in the world from now on, and $80 for a four-issue subscription. That's about 10 pounds sterling, 13 Euros, 18 bucks U.S. or 150 Chinese Yuan Renminbi for an issue of Torpedoey goodness. And with each day the economy heads further into the maelstrom, it gets cheaper, huzzah! Plus, Volume One is now on sale for $20 including postage. Treat yourself!

Torpedo Volume Four is now in production - our tribute issue to Richard Brautigan is currently being designed, with lots of tribute fiction, full colour artwork based on his stories and forty pages of his best work as chosen by editor Chris Flynn & Ianthe Brautigan. If you don't already love RB, you soon will. Released in January 2009.

Submissions can be made on Falcon vs. Monkey's website. You're also invited to join Falcon vs. Monkey's Facebook group -

Raz @ Eco-Libris