Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday's green books series: The Green Parent

Today on our Monday's green books series, I'm reviewing a book that may look like it is aimed only at parents who are green or want to go green, but actually is relevant to all the parents who care about the quality of life of their children, both now and in the future. In other words, it's a book that will be of interest to (almost) every parent out there.

Our book for today is:

Author: Jenn Savedge

Jennifer Savedge's articles have appeared in ePregnancy,, Carolina Parent, Healthy Living, as well as children's publications such as Appleseeds, Cobblestone, and Odyssey. Jenn lives with her husband and two daughters in Luray, VA. 'The Green Parent' is her first book.

Publisher: Kedzie Press

Published in: April 2008

What it is about:
'The Green Parent' is an extensive guide for parents who would like to green up their family's life style and teach their children about living green. 'The Green Parent' covers a variety of subjects that have environmental impacts - energy, water, garbage, pets, transportation, work, shopping and many more.

Each chapter is dedicated to a different subject and includes useful tips (how to make your own cleaning agents from natural ingredients), recommendations how to use your money wisely while going green (buy ENERGY STAR appliances), suggestions how to get your kids involved in the process of greening up (light patrol to help you remember to turn off the lights), information on relevant issues such as green labels and interview with green parents. Both parents and kids will learn ways to make the biggest impact, save the most money, and discover how making even the smallest of changes can make a big difference.

Why you should get it:
It sometimes not easy find the right ways to go green. It might be even harder as a parent. 'The Green Parent' is definitely a good guide to make this green journey easier.

One of the things I liked mostly about the book are the interviews, as Savedge conducted interviews with some very interesting green parents who talk about their personal experiences with their children. You can find in the book interviews with Kathleen Ridihalgh, who write the blog 'Great Green Tips', Leslie Garret, a journalist and author ('The Virtuous Consumer'), Corey Colwell-Lipson, founder of the organization 'Green Halloween', Bill McKibben, Colin Beaven ('No Man Impact') and others.

I'm not a parent yet, so I cannot relate yet to many of the parents-children issues that are brought up in the book, but I'm going to be a father very soon, so I am starting my journey into green parenthood. For me, one of the book's main strengths is that it shows new parents that being a green parent is not only for rich people with spare time. Many times it's just the opposite - buying less, buying used items, generating less waste, saving energy and water, recycling - all of these practices will save your family money and can be done even by parents with the busiest schedule. And the book is full of examples how to do it and great resources to receive further information.

And maybe most important part - the book tries to help parents with the million dollar question - how you promote environmental stewardship that does not sound like "eco-naggin" in the ears of the children? from the stories of the green parents in the interviews and tips of fun activities that will make green more understandable and attractive for kids to great suggestions on how to incorporate green into the kids' daily activities (how to make their lunch waste-free).

Last word - this book is my fave also because not only that it's printed on 100% PCW recycled paper (processed chlorine free, FSC-certified and manufactured using biogas), but it is also the first book to be published under the Kedzie Press' Million Tree-A-Thon initiative: for each book sold, Kedzie Press will plant one tree, in collaboration with Eco-Libris, with the goal of planting one million trees by December 2009. So we're very proud to plant a tree for each copy of 'The Green Parent' and to have our logo on the cover of the book.

What others say about it:
“In The Green Parent, author Jenn Savedge guides us through how to live "green" and pass that love and respect for the earth on to our children…Savedge writes with an infectious optimism that motivates us to change our ways and change the world in the process.” Leslie Garrett, journalist and author of The Virtuous Consumer, mother of three

"A great resource for updated details on green living - especially useful for parents who no longer have the time to stay in the loop on best practices." Sara Prout, Development Officer, Bainbridge Graduate Institute, mother of three

“This thoughtful must-have book for parents reminds us of the old Native American saying: We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors; we borrow it from our Children." Doug Farr, Author of Sustainable Urbanism: Urban Design with Nature

“The Green Parent is a fabulous read for parents who are trying to improve the health of the children, household, communities and planet!” Lee Welles, author of the Gaia Girls Book Series.

Want to learn more about the book? check out Jenn Savedge's blog: and also watch her on NBC 4, Virginia:

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