Monday, July 11, 2011

My article today on Triple Pundit - this one is not for Cosmo Kramer..

Here's an update on a new article I published today on Triple Pundit on a new viral video about employee engagement, which refers to the banking sector and specifically to bank employees that unlike Kramer didn't think from early age they MUST become a banker..

The article is entitled "How to Engage Bank Employees that Lack Passion for the Job" Here's the first paragraph of the article:

"Kramer: I was never able to become a banker. Newman: Banker! So you’re killing yourself because your dreams of becoming a banker have gone unfulfilled. You-you-you-you can’t live without being a banker. Kramer: Yeah, yeah. If I can’t be banker, I don’t wanna live. Newman: You must be banker. Kramer: MUST be banker. "(Seinfeld, The Ticket – episode no. 4, season 4)

Not all the employees in the banking sector are like Cosmo Kramer. Many of them work in banks for various reasons other than a burning desire to become bankers, which might present a challenge when it comes to employee engagement. But does it actually matter what motivates people to work in a bank in the first place? Does it make a difference if it is a bank we’re talking about or Google, for example, where its founders claim that talented people are attracted to the company because it empowers them to change the world?

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