Friday, June 17, 2011

The book "DRIVEN! Remembrance, Reflection, & Revelation" has joined the 100 trees project!

We're happy to update you that the book "DRIVEN! Remembrance, Reflection, & Revelation", John Elliott Churchville’s autobiographical account of key aspects of his life, his reflection on these, and his revelation of a future where social justice is global normative behavior, has just joined the "100 Trees Project"!

This joint program was launched by Infinity Publishing, a leading self-publishing company together with Eco-Libris to promote environmental sustainability among its authors. Through the program, authors that publish with Infinity are able to plant 100 trees for the title they publish. These authors also have the option to add a special "100 trees planted for this book" logo to their book's design, as a way to showcase their commitment to environmental sustainability.

What's this book is about?

Driven! is John Elliott Churchville’s autobiographical account of key aspects of his life. He begins with an abbreviated memoir that highlights critical moments from his past, and examines the overarching themes that have been central to his personal development. He then reflects on important elements of those moments as they have impacted his present world-view. Finally, he shares the biblical Revelation, as well as his own, for the future. His thoughts are not of doom and gloom. Rather, they forecast a world where oppression is a faded memory and social justice is the international behavior understood and practiced by everyone.

About the author:
John Elliott Churchville, Ph.D., is Senior Pastor at Liberation Fellowship Church of Jesus, Chairman/CEO of Liberation Fellowship Community Development Corporation, President of the Greater Germantown Business Association, a principal in the Churchville Triad Group, LLC (a leadership training consulting firm), and a practicing attorney admitted to the Pennsylvania and federal bars. He is an environmental justice advocate, HIV prevention and treatment activist, and sustainable community development thought leader.

In addition, Dr. Churchville is leading an effort to convert an abandoned nationally certified historic building into a multi-use, LEED-certified community facility using best practices in historic preservation and energy-efficient design.

DRIVEN! Remembrance, Reflection, & Revelation is available for sale on Infinity's website.

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