Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday's green books series: 'In Memory of Central Park' by Queenelle Minet

Today I have the pleasure to introduce a new green-themed book that is also starting a new collaboration with Eco-Libris.

Our book for today is:

'In Memory of Central Park' by Queenelle Minet

In "In Memory of Central Park", Minet presents a vision of a future New York City where both nature and civil liberties have ceased to exist. Set in 2050, New York City has been encased in a massive terrorist-proof shell, and no one can travel in or out. In this dark world, people begin falling ill and dying as a result of pollution trapped inside the very structures meant to protect them.

"In Memory of Central Park transports the reader to a world both completely different and uncomfortably similar to the one in which we live," says Minet, a progressive environmental advocate and psychotherapist. "By engrossing readers in an entertaining story, I hope to make a difference in terms of how readers view the important issues of our day, including environmental degradation, global warming, and the erosion of our civil liberties."

Another way Minet is trying to make a difference is by collaboratng with Eco-Libris. She will be offering readers who will purchase the book on the book's signing events (details on the events to be provided on seperate post) the opportunity to balance out their new copy by planting one tree for it with us. All buyers will also receive with the book our sticker (made of recycled paper) saying "One tree planted for this book".

Begun by her late husband Aron Spilken, Ph.D., Minet finished "In Memory of Central Park" and made it her own as she dealt with the grief of his loss. The novel follows lovers Noah and Margaret as they navigate their forbidden relationship inside the politically repressive, encapsulated city. As a therapist, Noah witnesses firsthand the damage the man-made environment has on his patients, both mentally and physically. Inspired by a group of revolutionaries, Noah and Margaret must make a decision-do they stay in the enclosed city out of fear, or take their chances in the outside world long-since abandoned as a hopeless cause?

We have mentioned before our love for green-themed novels and this is definitely one of those, or as Minnet calls it on the book's website a "political satire and aching love story wrapped into one." My first association when first reading about the book was Orwell's 1984, which makes it even more fascinating to me.

Here are the book details:

Title: In Memory of Central Park

Author: Queenelle Minet

A former NYC resident, Minet currently resides in Larkspur, Calif., in Marin County. She holds a master's degree in psychology from Antioch University West, a master's degree in theatre arts from Northwestern University and a bachelor's degree in English literature from Penn State University. A licensed marriage and family therapist, she is currently a member of the American Psychological Association and numerous environmental organizations.

Publisher: Synergy Books

Publishing date: September 2008

The book's website:

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