Friday, October 26, 2007

MySpace and HarperCollins collaborate to publish a green handbook reported on Wednesday that MySpace is collaborating with a children’s imprint of HarperCollins on an environmental handbook coming out April 22, Earth Day.

The idea behind the book is that it will feature ideas from MySpace users, who through Nov. 7 can post environmental tips on According to Brenda Bowen, vice president and publisher of the Bowen Press, a HarperCollins imprint, about 40 such suggestions, their length ranging from a sentence to a paragraph, will be woven throughout the text.

What to MySpace and environmental issues? Tom Anderson, co-founder and president of MySpace said in a statement "MySpace has entire online communities, such as the Impact Channel and OurPlanet, dedicated solely to environmental and social causes. The first MySpace book is just one more way we are working to engage the MySpace community in environmental issues and encourage people to take action."

The book, "MySpace/Our Planet" will be about 160 pages and will cost about $12.95, and a first printing of 200,000 copies is planned.

I am wondering if MySpace and HarperCollins will take one step forward and print the copies on recycled paper, or balance them out. I believe that every book on environmental issues, especially green guides, should walk the talk and shouldn't have adverse environmental impacts.

Let's see how this one goes..

Raz @ Eco-Libris