Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday's green book: Wake Up and Smell the Planet

At the end of December we had our last part of the holiday green gift guide for book lovers, but we wouldn't like to stop recommending and reviewing interesting green books. Therefore, we start a new series (that hopefully will last forever..): Monday's green book.

So, every Monday we'll start the week by covering a green book that was published lately. We hope you enjoy it and if you want to review or recommend on a green book for this series, feel free to write me to raz [at] ecolibris [dot] net.

The first book on our green book series comes from Grist, one of my favorite green news sites:

Author: Grist Magazine (Author), Brangien Davis (Editor), Katharine Wroth (Editor)

Publisher: Mountaineers Books

Published in: October 2007

What it is about: Grist describes their book as a a handy guide to making green decisions throughout your day.

It's not a guide about guilt, but about making little choices throughout the day that improve the planet - what to eat, what to wear, how to dispose of dog poop or diapers, how to travel from point A to point B, where to have a post-work cocktail, and so on.

Wake Up and Smell the Planet covers a full 24 hours of confusing and often contradictory options. Like a wise (and wisecracking) friend who isn't afraid to share secret tips, the book will give you easy tips for simplifying your life and lessening your impact.

Why you should get it: Grist gives you 8.5 reasons why you should buy it:

1. You'll always have answers to the peskiest eco-questions at your fingertips.
2. It's better than The Secret.
3. Little-known fact: a book uses only half the electricity of a computer!
4. Buy it for your friends, to spread the green love.
5. It makes a handy flotation device.
6. Where else can you get the real dirt on the Jolly Green Giant?
7. Books make you look wicked smart.
8. Did we mention you'll always have answers to the peskiest eco-questions at your fingertips?
8.5. Grist's employees like to eat.

What others say on the book:

"... the guide's actual guidance is relevant, hip and chockfull of witty word play ... a groovy green heap o' advice for working, working out, eating, shopping, commuting, raising kids, raising pets -- basically, for life." (The Seattle Times)

"Like Grist, this is a quirky, humorous, entertaining, and sometimes irreverent read ... Consider this guide an off-line beacon, bringing Grist's edgy authority, impeccable research, and planetary cheerleading to a broader audience." (Jeff Reifman of Idealog)

Why I like it: Grist is one of my favorite online green resources. It's like the green friend you always wanted to have - funny, smart, knowledgeable and always make the most complicated green issues accessible and understandable. and did I mention it's funny? So this is definitely the source you want to get tips from on how to go green. And also let's not forget that the book is printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper and printed with soy inks.

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Enjoy the book, and if you're looking for the full list of green books reviewed and presented on our blog, check out our green books page.

Raz @ Eco-Libris