Saturday, November 26, 2011

Two new children's books, Herbie and the Tune and A is for Asking, go green with Eco-Libris!

We are happy to announce a new collaboration with our partner, the Australian publishers Pick-a-Woo Woo, on not one but two great new green children's books that was just released: Herbie and the Tune and A is for Asking.

100 trees are planted with Eco-Libris for each of these children's books. As you can see in the picture above, our logo is also added to the book's cover.

These books are green books, not just because of the trees planted for it, but also because of the story they tell and the messages they send to the readers.

Here are more details about Herbie and the Tune:
Deep within every moment, there is pure joy. Set in a heavenly airport, this lovely allegory finds Herbie preparing for his flight to earth. What follows is the wonderful discovery that the tune (pure joy), can still be heard in the physical world. With thanks to the gentle guidance of the pilot, Herbie learns how to listen out for the tune.

Age range: Read Together 4-9 yrs/Read Alone 6-9 yrs

Author: Bradley Kyle
Born in Melbourne, Australia, Brad has travelled the world extensively, fuelling his thirst for knowledge beyond these shores and this life as we know it. He lived in London for more than five years where he wrote a number of unpublished children's stories, eventually returning to Sydney for another three years.

Though an accountant by trade, Brad has always been a writer by nature, and his published works are the inevitable result. He credits his major turning point in both his writing career and life to an 800 kilometer walk across Spain in 2007. It was in every way, a life-changing pilgrimage. His primary hope is that his words bring inspiration and evolution to the reader, whether old or young.

He now lives in Melbourne with his beautiful wife Ruth, only moments away from the house of his childhood.

Copies of the book are available for purchase on Amazon.

Here are more details about A is for Asking:
Join Angel (Love), Fairy (Light) & Pixie (Laughter) on a small Australian farm as they gather key spiritual words to help the children with their vision board project. With thought provoking rhyme and wonderful heart warming illustrations encouraging young children & adults alike to experience the benefits of creating a positive spiritually enhanced mindset through the spoken & unspoken word. Your thoughts and the words you choose to use every minute of every hour of every day, create your attitude & actions which creates your reality. Enjoy your journey.

Age range: 3-9 yrs

Author: Wendy Neilson
Wendy has been working with words for most of her life, sharing her thoughts as a poet. While training to be a lifecoach, Wendy realised there were many key words associated with gaining a positive enlightened mindset. This realisation has developed into a spiritual alphabet book that she wishes she had access to when she was a child. She is now 53 years of age with 4 children and 2 grandchildren and hopes that her first book will help people, young & old to evaluate their lives and make the changes within themselves to create a life that makes their heart sing, every day in every way.

Copies of the book are available for purchase on Amazon.

About Pick-a-WooWoo Publishing: Based in Western Australia, Pick-a-Woo Woo Publishers are publishers of Mind Body Spirit books for children. Their inspirational books are designed to help children connect with their intuition and inner guidance, develop their awareness skills and enhance their Mind, Body, Spirit connection.

Other Pick-a-Woo-Woo titles that go green with Eco-Libris:

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