Monday, December 5, 2011

Book recommendation for this week: A Big Strategy by Peter J. Hughes and Kinga Monica

This week we have a recommendation on a book that recommends a big strategy based on small actions, offering "a framework for generating new answers to today's problems."

The philosophy of this book coincides well with our belief in small actions that can make a big difference and we're happy to recommend it - it can be not just a great read, but also a great and valuable gift for yourself or others for the holidays!

The book is A Big Strategy

Peter J. Hughes and Kinga Monica
. The authors collaborate with Eco-Libris to plant trees for sold copies of 'A Big Strategy'!

Authors OnLine, a leading UK book publishing company that specialises in a broad range of publishing services including self publishing, print on demand and e-books.

So what is this book about? Here are more details about 'A Big Strategy':

How many small actions and collective wisdom can change the world for the better.

A Big Strategy offers a framework for generating new answers to today's problems.

Everyday our world is changing; a worldwide financial crisis, emergency bank bail-outs and unemployment. Debt and food prices are surging. Scientists and economists predict environmental tipping points could lead to a convergence of many complex issues. The choices we make today shape and determine the outcome over the next decades.

With rapid restorative action we can change the conditions for the better. As fossil fuels start to become scarcer, we are moving towards a future powered more by renewable energy and the wise use of resources. A Big Strategy looks to many sciences and ancient philosophies to discover what insights can be gleaned to help today replenish the planet.

This book explores how an integrated approach can enhance our lives, community, local economy, environment all at the same time. Through collective action we can generate enhanced leisure facilities and more opportunities in neighborhoods, achievable through instigating this highly advanced sustainable development formula. The benefits are multi-faceted and can be replicated, multiplying results that can start to create more optimism and hope for a brighter future.

For more details as well as for ordering a copy (it is available now in an ebook format) visit Authors OnLine's website.

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