Sunday, July 5, 2009

Did you see our planting partner SHI on Oprah Magazine?

Getting a mention on Oprah Magazine is the desire of many (including Eco-Libris!).

We haven't got there yet, but we're proud to have a planting partner who did - Sustainable Harvest International (SHI).

On the June Issue of Oprah Magazine you can a profile of 4 Hotels With an Edge On "Voluntourism", or in other words hotels that "are helping guests plug into charitable projects during their stays."

One of the hotels profiled on the magazine is Cotton Tree Lodge in Belize and you can read there also about their unique partnership with SHI. The magazine describes how you can volunteer:

"If you don't mind a little mud on your boots, join SHI for daylong projects in the surrounding villages, helping families plant vegetable gardens, build chicken coops, or construct eco-friendly wood-burning stoves."

You can read more about it here -

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