Thursday, February 2, 2012

A new children's book, Calyx of Teversall by Maia Appleby, is going green with Eco-Libris!

We are happy to update you on a new book that is going green with Eco-Libris. This time it is a great children's book - Calyx of Teversall by Mia Appleby.

The book is published by our partner, Brighter Books, a Canadian independent publishing house dedicated to bringing only the best books to life. Brighter Books is planting 300 trees with Eco-Libris for Calyx as part of its commitment to plant a tree for every book sold!

Brighter Books Publishing House was founded by Angela and Dean Jurgensen, a couple with a diverse background. Angela is a Brazilian artist, illustrator, writer and business owner, who grew up surrounded by fiction books, particularly the classics; Dean is a Canadian electronic engineer with a passion for learning new things, who spends most of his free time reading educational books. They have a positive outlook for the world, as long as everyone does their part to make the world a better place; Brighter Books Publishing House is their attempt to do their part.

Here are more details on Calyx of Teversall:

Written by Maia Appleby, Illustrations by Angela Souza
Category: Middle Readers
Imprint: Platypus
Age: 8 and up

After a few years of learning his uncle’s business at the curio shop -- and singlehandedly establishing a trading partnership with the gnomes -- the clever and resourceful Calyx can practically run the shop himself.

Things are going so well that he almost forgets why he’s living with his aunt and uncle: his mother is hiding him from a menacing, manipulative Borgh elf named Fenbeck, who could arrive in town any day to claim Calyx as his apprentice. With a classical pace, hints of Rumpelstiltskin and touches of gnome wisdom, this exciting, endearing tale will be treasured by parents and children alike.

Calyx is available on For more details on the book, visit Brighter Books at

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