Friday, March 5, 2010

New video: Our marketing manager takes a break from the giveaway!

Couple of weeks ago we started a new green gift campaign (, where we give great gifts that promote green reading! From free green books to gift cards for Strand Bookstore and BookSwim, the Netflix for books, Eco-Libris is now rewarding readers who balance out 25 books or more by planting trees.

We produced couple of funny videos to promote our giveaway with my baby daughter Shira. Here's the latest one, where she's taking a break from reading so many green books..

Here are links to the two other videos:

We invite you to share them with other book lovers, along with the information about the campaign (

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Green book of the week: The Virtuous Consumer by Leslie Garrett

Today we review a green book that is a great guide for the rest of us!

Our book is:

The Virtuous Consumer: Your Essential Shopping Guide for a Better, Kinder, Healthier World

Author: Leslie Garrett

LESLIE GARRETT is a National Award-Winning Journalist, Author and Editor, based near Toronto, Canada. Her work has appeared in Chatelaine, Canadian Living, Today’s Parent and many other national publications. Her syndicated column The Virtuous Consumer runs monthly in City Parent, Big Apple Parent, About Families and many other publications.

She also writes The Virtuous Traveler, a syndicated column that appears in the online newsletter of NBC travel editor Peter Greenberg and was syndicated in The Globe & Mail. Together her columns reached close to two million readers.

Leslie has also written a dozen children’s books, including a biography of renowned environmentalist David Suzuki and “EarthSmart”, a book for young children on protecting the environment. Her books are widely available and well reviewed.

Publisher: New World Library

Published on: June 2007

What this book is about?
(from the publisher's website)

Sure, there are people who chain themselves to old-growth trees, raise their one child diaper-free, and make their own soap. The Virtuous Consumer is for the rest of us, struggling to make choices that are better for the planet — and for us. Leslie Garrett has created a comprehensive reference guide that — like a smart, funny, and eco-conscious friend — will steer you toward ethical purchases for everything from lipstick to cars, kids' toys to a new mattress. The Virtuous Consumer is your key to shopping consciously and creating a simpler, greener lifestyle.

What we think about it?
I want to begin and say that I agree with the book's description - just like Festivus, it is definitely for the rest of us. I guess some fellows I personally like, such as Mark Boyle won't find it handy, but many others who struggle with consuming issues and eventually buy some stuff will find this book very useful.

This is definitely not a guide that drives you to shop. No Sir! Garrett is well aware of the three R's (reduce, reuse, recycle) - for her this is a viable part of the choice to live consciously
and she brings it to the reader's attention whenever possible, as well as the fact that buying less is always a reasonable option.

I've read many guides that provide you with great information and recommendations on the best choices you have as a consumer. Still, I found The Virtuous Consumer different. It is thorough, detailed, brings you information straight from the experts and is very comprehensive - it talks about almost everything, from cleaning products to parties and celebrations. But what really got me into this book is Garrett's attitude - she's funny, realistic, frank and always personal, providing examples from her own experiences.

This attitude makes The Virtuous Consumer much less of a textbook and much more of a friend you want to hear her advice.
All I can say is that although I read about it in many places, this is the first guide that actually got me to move my butt and check the labels of some of the cosmetic products I use to see if they have 'fragrance' on the list of ingredients (unfortunately the answer is yes..), and to consider for the first time other options that are better both to me and to the environment. And I'm sure this is not the last time this book will push me to check products I buy and consider better alternatives.

Lat but not least, I also want to mention that this book is printed on 100% post consumer-waste recycled paper.

Bottom Line: A useful and enjoyable guide that I recommend with all my heart!

Disclosure: We received a copy of this book from the author.

If you're looking for other interesting green-themed books, you are invited to check out our green books page on Eco-Libris website's green resources section.

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