Saturday, December 13, 2008

Eco-Libris is collaborating with Wyrdwood Publications, a publisher of Pagan and Heathen eBooks

"The Witches' Course Book" - is there a better book (or e-book in this case) to start a collaboration with? We're very happy to announce on a new partnership with Wyrdwood Publications, a publisher that works solely online and specializes in the publishing of Pagan and Heathen eBooks.

As part of their commitment to the environment, Wyrdwood Publications will plant a tree for every 'Green Leaves' eBook sold starting with "The Witches' Course Book" by Raven Blackmoor.

What does 'commitment to the environment' means exactly? here's the publisher's explanation about their Green Leaves Policy, which our collaboration is part of it: "Wyrdwood Publications believes that environment awareness and the carbon footprint we create, are very important issues. With this in mind we have developed our own specific environmental policy.

commitment by Wyrdwood Publications is known as the Green Leaves Policy and it dictates all the 'green' aspects of our business." You can learn more about the Green Leaves Policy at

We're very proud to collaborate with such an eco-conscious publisher that provides online electronic downloads only and is looking to plant trees for his sold copies to support the environment. Please note that not only that no paper is used for the books, but also that Wyrdwood Publications is promising that "there will be no product brochures, catalogues, flyers or any other promotional materials not made from environmentally friendly sources."

As mentioned the first e-book that starts our collaboration is "The Witches' Course Book" by Raven Blackmoor. Here are more details on the book:

At first glance this course book may seem strange, unusual even. What good is a course without a teacher nor the answers? Actually you will find this course ebook very useful and informative. You will wonder how you managed to have any focus in the myriad of study areas, which are now available in our modern day Pagan society.

These courses have been designed to guide you as you seek your Path and learn to walk it through the seasons. Each course is an eclectic mix of various Paths and Traditions to give you a rounded base of knowledge from which you may find your own spiritual path or at least be directed towards it.

The five course titles are:

  • Spirals
  • Advanced Spirals
  • Moon & Sun Workings
  • Tree Lore
  • Festival Feasts
The content of each course is given to you via assignments. You will be requested to research a subject area, find correspondences, write rituals, create craft objects, projects and equipment, find sacred spaces, attune yourself to nature, nurture and listen to your inner voice, look at folklore and types of divination, understand the Moon cycles and see the Earth's changes during the seasons of the Sun, recognise and learn about the trees around you and create seasonal menu's for the Festival Days!

Raz @ Eco-Libris