Sunday, August 1, 2010

Eco-Libris is on the first issue of AZGreen Magazine

AZGreen Magazine, Arizona’s premier lifestyle publication devoted to sustainability was published for the first time last month. Not only that this is a very interesting sustainable lifestyle magazine, but it also mentions Eco-Libris!

Yes, if you look at page 71 and you'll see the famous Eco-Libris guy reading a book in the forest! And don't forget to check out the rest of this beautiful magazine that is available online - you'll find there plenty of interesting articles on many green issues - many on lifestyle, from green luxury to green realtors, but there are also articles on ecology, composting, nature, etc.
Here is some more information on the new magazine from its website:

At the heart of AZGreen Magazine’s mission: Inspiration, Awareness and Stewardship. Firmly grounded in the belief that a sustainable lifestyle is achievable by anyone and should be accessible to everyone, AZGreen Magazine endeavors to build awareness and inspire lifestyle choices that are more than just “going green” — that become a state of mind, a way of existing, that promise to improve life on many levels for ourselves and our communities. We have a unique opportunity to be a conduit for understanding and hold fast to the belief that building awareness is the key to affecting positive change on every level.

As the green movement gains steam, the need for reliable information is growing. AZGreen Magazine is dedicated to providing insightful, reliable information that enables readers to make informed choices about sustainability on every level. We go beyond the “how to” and “should do” angles, and explore sustainability on a deeper level, then share our insight to communicate the “why” behind choices that affect our families, our communities and our world.

The first issue of AZGreen Magazine is available at


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