Monday, August 18, 2008

It's time to rent some textbooks - Chegg's 'Textbook Tuesday' is tomorrow!

Living nearby a university (UD in my case) has pros and cons. But one fact is that you know exactly when the academic year is about to begin (hint: flocks of students can be seen again on Main Street). And if you're also getting ready to go back or for the first time to college, it's the time to remind you about our partners Chegg, especially when tomorrow is "Textbbook Tuesday"!

Chegg is the number one textbook rental company, which just lately celebrated its first anniversary (Happy birthday!). Chegg helps college students save hundreds of dollars on textbooks each semester by offering them the option to rent textbooks instead of buying them. Chegg offers millions of textbooks for rent with savings of up to 80%. The process is very easy, delivery is fast, and return shipping is free. Can you ask for more? well, actually you get more - Chegg are planting a tree for every book they rent!

Eco-Libris is one of the environmental partners of Chegg in their tree planting program and we're very proud of it! Chegg is committed to the environment and their very essence is green - we wrote many times in the past how by renting books you maximize the usage of already printed books, just like you do when you get a book from your library. In the photos above and below you can see some of the results of our partnership with Chegg - new trees in Guatemala (photos at nurseries in El Tejar (the Dept. of Chimaltenango) and Hierba Buena, Guatemala - courtesy of AIR, our planting partner in Guatemala).

So tomorrow, August 21, is "Textbook Tuesday" and Chegg is is stocked-up and primed for the day. This year's Textbook Tuesday is expected to be the biggest day ever for online textbook rentals! Well, all you got to do now is check them out and see how much you can save on your textbooks, and don't forget that not only that you will save moeny and trees by renting textbooks with Chegg, you will also be responsible for planting new ones as well! Chegg's website is


Raz @ Eco-Libris


DewKnight said...

While Chegg may seem awesome, they have horrible customer service, extremely ridiculous shipping times, and their books are in bad condition.

Good luck trying to get in touch with them by phone or email if you ever have any problems. And good luck in getting your books within 2 weeks of your order being placed.

Stay away from Chegg until they improve their customer service and shipping.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of Chegg, and the textbooks are usually in good condition and are far cheaper than it would be to buy them. That being said, I am horrified by their so-called "customer-service." It took two weeks to get an e-mail back from them (and it was a form e-mail, saying they would get back to me when they had time!), and they refused to answer the countless voicemails that I had left. The shipping quote is 7-10 days for priority mail, but apparently they can grant themselves "extensions" of 1 week or more, if they think it's necessary.(This was for one book.) When I finally spoke with a representative, I was so surprised to speak with an actual person I almost dropped the phone! I commented on their customer service, or lack thereof, and their excuse was that they "had so many customers, they can't get to everyone". They said that they had no idea they could get that busy, and they couldn't handle it. WHY would you tell customers that you are incompetant?? Chegg is really hit or miss. If you are going to rent books from Chegg, be aware that you are not going to be able to speak with any representatives, you are not their priority, and you should rent the books about 3-4 weeks before you actually need them. If you are okay with that, thir services are worth it. If you prefer to have your books when your classes start, bite the bullet and just buy them.

Chegg doesn't seem to be doing anything to try to improve their customer service-stay away from them until they do!!!