Thursday, March 26, 2009

Green Options - Turn Envelopes Into Gift Bags

As part of Eco-Libris' ongoing content partnership with Green Options Media, we feature a post that was originally published by Jackie Hernandez on March 24 on Crafting a Green World. Today's post gives some great ideas for a creative ideas what to do with the extra envelopes we have at home.

Whenever you buy a greeting card it comes with an envelope, whether you intend to mail the card or not. If you are not mailing the card, then the envelope is really just a waste of paper. Instead of needlessly stuffing the card into an envelope just give the recipient the card and use the envelope to make a “baglet” for a lovely gift. Rather than buying a new card at all, consider a makeover for a plain notecard and a used or found envelope to make a gift bag.

Envelope Gift BagsJessica Jones, from How About Orange, shares this wonderful tutorial for turning envelopes into gift bags, which she cutely nicknames “baglets”. The tutorial includes a printable template for a To/From label and tips for decorative touches like a scalloped edge or adding a ribbon handle.

For other great eco-gift wrapping ideas try using comic strips or these tips from Danny Seo.

[Images by Jessica Jones for How About Orange]

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