Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Green printing tip no. 16: Can green printing be done on a rush basis?

We have another tip for you on our weekly series of green printing tips, where we bring you information on green printing in collaboration with Greg Barber, an experienced eco-friendly printer.

Today Greg is discussing a question that is especially relevant for those of us who have printing job to do in the last minute, but still want to do it in an environmentally sound manner.

Can green printing be done on a rush basis?

Tip #16
Let's say you you have an urgent printing job to do and you need it ready in 24 or 48 hours. Can you still print it sustainably?

In one word: Yes! A green printer should not be any different from a regular printer and should be capable of providing you all the necessary green services even in the last minute.

Just this week, we did several rush jobs for Tony Blair and the Climate Group, for climate week in New York. We printed a 32 page brochure and a double gate fold brochure, postcards and posters. The jobs were done on time and the quality was superb, as per their group.

We used 100% Post-Consumer Waste 65# for the 32 page, self cover Programs, and for the double gate brochures , we used 100% post-consumer waste in 100# text, for the double gate fold brochures. The postcards were printed on 100# cover, in 100% post-consumer waste. All
three projects are 100% Processed Chlorine Free.

Here are couple of our capabilities which are available even in the last minute:

1. You can use Recycled or Tree Free Paper in Stock
We stock 100% post-consumer waste, recycled paper. We also can get many Tree Free papers in a rush.

2. Ability to Accept Large Files to expedite the process
Our system allows you to email us up to 100 Meg files. You just click our upload buttons and your files are attached.

3. Correct Presses
Digital presses move the fastest. We have both Igen and Indigo equipment.

In such last minute situations, it's not only us who need to work quickly and efficiently. You should be ready to do the same. Here are some tips that will help us to make it in time:

1. File Preparation
Like any rush job, it is preferable to save your files as a hi res PDF. Also, check to make sure your files have bleed, if needed. Don't impose your files. Our software does that to our preferred layout.

2. Be Ready to OK the (soft) proofs
If not, you lose valuable time. Let us know who else can ok your work.

If you have any further questions for Greg, you can email to greg@ecofriendlyprinter.com. If you have any questions you would like us to address in future tips please email us to info@ecolibris.net .

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You can also find further valuable information on Greg Barber Company's website - http://www.gregbarberco.com.

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