Friday, February 12, 2010

Love to help the world become a better place by choosing a green hosting?

Today we have two interesting guest posts. The first one is about choosing a green hosting.

Just trying to look for a good and reliable free web hosting provider could already be a tough challenge since not all fits the criteria of being reliable enough for your website. It’s true that there are still reliable web hosting providers around to choose from. But wouldn’t it be better if you get to find a good web host and be able to help our world become a better place at the same time. It would feel great to do your part on fighting the global climate change just by simply supporting web hosting that uses wind or solar-powered servers, wouldn’t it?

How do wind-powered servers help?

Well, hosting companies have data centers to manage and house their hosting equipments and servers. Web servers that are used in web hosting produce carbon emissions. With that being said, it contributes to the damage that our environment has been getting. And since Doteasy have many customers that also mean more servers are needed and thus more carbon emissions, they came to a decision to make a good change. This is by using wind-powered servers which helps to reduce the negative impact to our environment.

So if you’re looking for a web hosting provider, you might want to consider basing your decision on what also helps our environment by choosing a green web servers. Don’t just listen, be a part of the solution for our environment.

Doteasy is one of the best domain name registrar and web hosting firms around. But aside from just being one of the best reliable providers, they decided to be a part of the solution for the climate change problem. All their web servers from free web hosting to unlimited web hosting are now wind-powered. Not only that they provide satisfaction for all their customers with their great offers, but now they also help keeping our world a better place by becoming a part of the green web hosting industry.

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